300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our highly skilled instructors bring over 30 years combined experience to offer students a deep understanding of yogic practices and philosophy.

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About the Program

Dragon Yoga Teacher Training offers the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of technique, applied anatomy and biomechanics, as well as methodology to further your own journey and inspire others. Just as importantly, this training program emphasized teaching techniques so that graduates will feel comfortable leading a class and designing their own sequences.

*Note: You must have completed your 200 hour yoga teacher training prior to signing up for this course.*

What Sets Us Apart

Hidden Dragon Yoga serves individuals at all levels in their yoga practice, viewing the body as a sacred instrument of alignment and reunion with the Divine. Our mission is to encourage and promote each student’s individual growth and self-expression using an alignment-based practice from the heart. Together, we strive to build a strong, diverse yoga community and foster an environment in which every student feels welcomed, safe, and empowered. 

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Meet Your Instructor

Desirae Penton

Desirae Penton, owner of Hidden Dragon Yoga, the HDY Teacher Training Program is led by skillful practitioners using time-honored techniques so that graduates may educate others effectively, safely, and purposefully in a moderately heated environment. This program is open to anyone seeking to deepen their study of yoga, and to those who wish to become yoga instructors.

What to Expect

In addition to your regular yoga practice, you will incorporate self-study, complete homework assignments or readings, and participate in regular testing as you advance through the program.

Here’s what it takes to succeed in teacher training:


Sincere desire to work with people of varying experience levels and backgrounds-be prepared to work with each of our students.


Willingness to actively listen and learn 


Contribute to the group and be engaged 


Keep an open heart and mind 


Refrain from judgment 


Arrive on time 


Respect your teachers and community – honor this experience by being the best you can be  


Maintain a daily practice – it is through our own journey that we may inspire others

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