About Dragon Yoga

Dragon Yoga was founded to bring yoga to everyone. It is Oklahoma City’s first Pay-What-You-Can studio. We are here to bring this practice and these tools to anyone and everyone who is interested without having to worry about cost.  

We encourage growth, creative self-expression, and evolution through an alignment-based practice that opens the heart. Our kula “community” welcomes everyone who seeks to align their lives on and off the mat, without bias or judgment. 

Our instructors seek the good in all things, especially within themselves and their students. We build and empower each student’s self-esteem, and we encourage laughter and playfulness. We are all in this together. 


Our Mission


Yoga that can transform you – changing your perception of who you are and who you could be.

As our yoga practices grow stronger, we illuminate our power, learning how to use it for ourselves and for others. We celebrate each other’s successes so that every day we stand a little taller & and shine a little brighter. Our teachers are highly educated, empathetic, and excited to share the benefits of yoga with you.



Dragon Yoga’s foundation is in the BKS Iyengar tradition. Our lineage to Iyengar is connected through studio owner and primary teacher, Desirae Penton. Desirae’s teacher Jason Lobo, studied under George Purvis, who was a student of BKS Iyengar himself.  Using Iyengar as the basis for Dragon Yoga’s alignment foundation, Desirae then drew ideas and practices from other teachers and traditions that were in symmetry with this foundation – Anusara, Shridaiva, etc. Dragon Yoga is essentially an ever-evolving blend of yoga styles with a strong alignment base, which allows for all students, regardless of age, body type, or level of practice to find their own practice. We believe in making yoga accessible to all persons and honor the teacher-student connection. 

Desirae founded her first studio, Hidden Dragon Yoga, in 2013 and it was the beginning of an amazing Kula. Dragon Yoga (we are no longer “Hidden”!) was established in 2020 amidst a world in change. We wanted to continue the mission of sharing strong, safe, alignment-based yoga, but also forge a deeper unity with each other in a time when our community was being pushed apart. Desirae has always had the goal of finding a way to make yoga accessible to everyone, and Dragon Yoga is the next path on that journey. It is OKC’s first “pay what you can” yoga studio, so anyone can practice here regardless of their financial situation.



Honesty, Honor, & Integrity


Yoga empowers you to discover and speak your truth. We treat everyone on this journey with the respect that they deserve. We practice this value every day, because our studio is a place where you can learn–and change–who you are.

Diversity & Understanding

Yoga is for EVERYONE–not just people with a high income or a certain background. Maybe you think that you don’t “look like” the people who do yoga. Or maybe you’re the first person among your family & friends to step onto a yoga mat. Our students come from every part of OKC, and we want you to join us!

Accessibility & Sustainability


We believe everyone should have access to the benefits of yoga. That’s why we have opened our doors to the entire community by offering yoga through a “pay what you can” price. No one should have to walk alone; when we need help, we lean on each other. There’s always a place for you in our studio.

Desirae Penton

Founder, Owner, Instructor

Desirae Penton

Amy Morris

Owner, Manager, Instructor